The Top 5 Must-Have Dental Equipment for Every Practice

Whether you are setting up a new dental clinic or revamping your old one, dental equipment is a must for both. Hence, it becomes too much important to know about the best quality dental equipment for your practices. Having ample knowledge of the latest available modern tools and the coming up ones becomes a necessity here then.

Hence, today we are here with a list of the top 5 must-have dental equipment for every practice to help you out in your to-do-shopping for your dental clinic.

Top 5 Must Have Dental Equipment


1. Dental Chairs

Being a comfort for your patients, a reliable dental chair is going to save you at every step. A dental chair with modern flexibility enhances productivity and builds a kind of confidence in your patients. So it becomes your ardent duty here to provide them the comfort they deserve. Get yourself a dental chair that has an easily accessible control panel for adjusting the chair position, programmable seat positions, foot control & backrest with a soft cushion support. But before buying a dental chair, we would recommend you check it once on your side and have all the doubts cleared in one go. Also, please be careful while using household cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide and citric acid as they can damage the surface of your dental chair.

2. Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are one of the most effective dental equipment. They cause less bleeding and pain to the patients as they are minimally invasive treatment options. They can be used for several purposes like treating tongue ties, tooth preparation for composite restoration, and reshaping of over grown gum tissue. The lasers also cause less damage to the surrounding tissue and also help in speedy recovery. Today, developments in technology have made the operation of dental lasers very easy.

3. Dental Intraoral Cameras

It is just like a pen video camera which is portable as well. It can be easily connected to a screen wirelessly hence reducing the cost of installation. It has LED equipped within and provides highly magnified images on the screen. They save a lot of time and are the best when it comes to the patient's education. As it gives a proper description of the live images and videos to the patients to make it easier for them to understand their oral situation better than earlier. With this, the patients get more aware of their oral hygiene and get to know the dos & dont's.

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4. Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces are the basic dental equipment that is essential for every dental practice. There are total 5 types of handpieces available: High-speed Handpieces

  • Low-speed Handpieces
  • Specialist surgical Handpieces
  • Laboratory Handpieces
  • Hygiene Handpieces

Choosing the correct one as per your needs is important here. But cleaning and lubricating dental handpieces is a common procedure for every type. Also, for avoiding cross-contamination, they must be sterilized as well prior.

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5. Surgical Instruments

For good dental and oral procedures, the best quality surgical instruments are a must. These are required for extraction, implants, bone graft, and many other purposes. The surgical instruments can include elevators, forceps, chisels, root tip elevators, osteotomes, tissue forceps, grafting instruments, and a lot more. Depending on your practices, choose the required surgical instrument accordingly. They also must be cleaned and sterilized regularly using an autoclave, dry heat, or other relevant available methods.

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