Diamond Bur Flat End Taper FG 628 Medium [Pack of 1]

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Kulzer's quality diamond instruments are characterized by a homogenous, perfectly embedded diamond coating for precise preparation and extended service life. The high grade tempered stainless steel shanks reduce the risk of breakage. Kulzer Diamond burs run vibration-free and concentric and by this preserve the service life of your turbine handpieces. Rounded working parts allow for modern tooth preparation without sharp edges.


  • The facing surfaces and edges of Kulzer instruments are always rounded, which is essential to ensure technically perfect transitions at the enamel margin, in the cavity and at the crown preparation. The particle coating is built up over seven hours. This prevents electroformed convex surfaces, which impair the abrasion.
  • Self-sharpening for many cavities: the morphology of the Kulzer diamond particle alters during the cutting procedure; new, sharp fracture edges and cutting surfaces are created.
  • Kulzer instruments have a high fracture resistance. The special stainless steel used for the shank is tempered to a strength of 2000 Newton per mm². Electropolishing after diamond coating smoothes the surface of the shank to protect the turbine chuck and deepens the chip escape channel between the diamond particles.
  • Kulzer marks every instrument with its brand name – quality assurance for precise manufacturing.


  • Kulzer diamond instruments are suitable for preparing dental enamel and for preparing and finishing filling materials.
  • The instrument shapes and shank dimensions comply with current ISO standards for FG instruments (friction grip). Instrument designs are compatible with standard turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces.

Kulzer diamond burs are supplied non-sterile. They should be sterilized before being used for the first time and should be cleaned and sterilized after each use.

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