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Gingifast CAD Elastic 50ml [Pack of 2]

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Reproduction of gum morphology on models using scannable A-silicone.


  • Perfectly reflective surface, suitable for scanning with laser or structured light CAD/CAM systems
  • Two versions: Rigid (70 Sh-A) and Elastic (40 Sh- A), ideal for producing silicone gums on models with prostheses, bridges and crowns
  • Both versions can be finished with a knife or bur, thanks to the formula with innovative raw materials
  • Gingifast CAD is perfectly compatible with any direct or indirect artificial gum fabrication technique
  • The innovative Gingifast CAD formula allows use of very small mixing tips, reducing silicone waste


  • Hardness versions: Elastic 40 Shore-A, Rigid 70 Shore-A
  • Pink
  • Setting Time: 10min
  • Mixing ratio 1:1

Contains: 2 x 50ml Cartridge, 12 x blue mixing tips & 2 bottles separator 10ml

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